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Lamb Chop with Pomegranate Jus

Amounts                              Ingredients

1 ea.                                        Rib Lamb Chop (14 oz.) Shaped & Tied

As needed                             Olive Oil (to lightly brush the chop)

2 tsp.                                      Turkish Java Rub

1 ea.                                         Head of Garlic—Cloves separated (do not peel)

5 Sprigs                                   Fresh Thyme

3 ea.                                         Fresh Bay leaves

¼ cup                                      Chardonnay

1 cup                                         Brown Veal Stock

2 Tbsp.                                     Pomegranate Molasses

1 Tbsp.                                     Balsamic Glaze

To Taste                                  Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Black Pepper

1 oz.                                         Cold Butter


Method of Preparation:

  1. Shape & tie the Lamb Chop
  2. Add the olive oil, unpeeled garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves to a heavy-duty stainless-steel sauté pan over medium high heat—Stir occasionally
  3. Season the Lamb Chop (Brush with olive oil then season with Turkish Java Rub)—the add to the hot sauté pan with the garlic and herbs—Brown on all sides—Place in the 400°F oven and roast to an internal temperature of 125°-130°F (or less if the Guess prefers the chop rarer).
  4. Remove the chop from the oven and allow it to rest in a warm place. Pour off the excess fat then deglaze the pan with the wine and veal stock—reduce the liquid by 60%–add the pomegranate molasses & Balsamic Glaze—Strain through a fine screen china-cap—whisk in the cold butter.
  5. arrange the chop on a warm serving platter—Brush with the pomegranate jus & drizzle the jus around the chop—Serve with the peeled garlic cloves.