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Milos J. Cihelka, CMC

Born 7-24-1930 in Prague (then) Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic).

Started apprenticeship in a pastry shop at the age 14 and at 17 continued with a cooking apprenticeship in a restaurant. Held 2 Journeyman certificates at age 19 as Pastry Cook and Cook.

Studied languages – German, French, English.

  • Escaped from Communist grip in 1950 to West Germany. Worked as a cook in Germany one year.
  • Immigrated to Canada on a private contract to work in a small hotel outside Ottawa in 1951.
  • Worked in various restaurants, clubs and hotels in Canada. Married a Canadian girl in 1957.
  • Immigrated to United States in 1958.
  • Worked first in New Jersey, then Connecticut and settled in Detroit area in 1959.
  • Worked as a chef at The Roostertail, Detroit Athletic Club and the London Chop House.
  • Became chef-partner of the Golden Mushroom in 1976. Remained there until retirement in 1993.
  • In 1972 became the founder and first president of Michigan Chefs de Cuisine Association.
  • Started Apprenticeship Program. Gave cooking classes in several colleges.
  • In 1981 took the first test given for Certified Master Chef, finishing with the highest score among participants.
  • Over many years, competed in a number of Culinary Art and Ice Carving competitions. Became a member of the U.S. National Team for 1972 IKA, winning 2 gold medals.
  • Returned to IKA with Minor Co. team in 1984, won Gold Medal with Distinction.
  • Became coach-manager of first Michigan Culinary Team, which won top prizes in several U.S. cities, traveled to Vancouver and Singapore in preparation for IKA. The team received perfect score in the 1988 IKA for all platters displayed and was awarded the Grand Prize in Gold.
  • Published a book Cooking Wild Game and Fish with Chef Milos in 2015.
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