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Dale Miller, CMC

From the age of five, Dale Miller knew he wanted to be a Chef. Raised in a farming family in the small town of Tribes Hill, in upstate New York, he spent time planting and harvesting vegetables in his mother’s garden and helping her around the kitchen. His father introduced him to hunting for wild game, fishing and foraging in the wild for mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns and ramps. This upbringing instilled in him a respect for the land, its bounty and the love that went into its preparation and cooking. Realizing at the age of 11, his love and talent for cooking, he embarked on a path that led him to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, graduating in 1979 in the top 3% of his class.

Chef Miller is one of only 69 Certified Master Chefs in the United States and less than 1000 (WACS) Global Master Chefs in the world and is recognized in the upstate New York region, as the “Dean of Area Chefs”.

He is President of Master Chef Consulting Group, LLC, which he founded in 1996. The company specializes in helping major food corporations, retailers and independent restaurants develop new and innovative culinary concepts, strategies or solutions for their businesses.  Clients include Maple Leaf Farms Duck, Wayback Burger, Campbell’s Corporation, Pepperidge Farms, Stewart’s Bread & Butter Shops, Hilton, Prestige Hospitality Group, Cabot and McCadam Cheese, Ginsberg’s Food Service, McDonald’s, Red Lobster, Miller’s Select Crabmeat, Olive Garden and the Pride of NY program. In 2012 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Maple Leaf Farms, a corporation that has become a global brand.

Chef Miller is proud to be a Fellow of The Culinary Institute of America and is currently the Past Chair of the Alumni Council Board. He is an active member of the American Culinary Federation and its Honor Society, the American Academy of Chefs. Chef Miller was unanimously voted in and inducted as a lifetime member of the elite Honorable Society of the Golden Toque, the highest acclaimed recognition a chef can receive in America. In, July 2009 he was honored with the prestigious ACF National Chefs Professionalism Award. He devotes much of his time to community service and has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars for many non-profit and charitable organizations. He created an endowed scholarship at the CIA, which awards six students in financial need a year, $5,000 each toward their culinary education.